The Zero Waste Foundation and Don’t Waste Group teams joined Pick n Pay’s People n Planet and WESSA to clean up a beach in Durban, in commemoration of World Fisheries Day.

World Fisheries Day Clean Up

The Zero Waste Foundation team, together with People n Planet and Wessa, commemorated World Fisheries Day with a clean up at Treasure Beach in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

A United Nations report revealed that:

  • more than two-thirds of the world’s fisheries have been overfished or are fully harvested
  • more than one-third are in a state of decline largely due to loss of fish habitat, pollution and global warming.

World Fisheries Day aims to highlight the importance of water, the various species it sustains and its critical link to human lives.

Clean up of Treasure Beach

With support from the Don’t Waste Group, the ZWF teams collected various types of waste from the shoreline. These included micro-plastics, plastic nurdles, bottle caps, plastic and glass bottles and hundreds of lollipop sticks.

If ingested by fish and other aquatic organisms, the micro-plastics and nurdles will release toxins, which in turn can affect human lives (Read more: Do you know where your waste actually ends up?).

Don't Waste World Fisheries Day Clean Up

Photos of the Clean up

Here are some of our favourite photos of the day:

Don't Waste World Fisheries Day Clean Up

Don't Waste World Fisheries Day Clean Up

Don't Waste World Fisheries Day Clean Up

Don't Waste World Fisheries Day Clean Up

Don't Waste World Fisheries Day Clean Up

Don't Waste World Fisheries Day Clean Up

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