World Environment Day: Environmental Awareness Expo 

To celebrate World Environment Day The Zero Waste Foundation, supported by Don’t Waste, raised environmental awareness for the importance of recycling at an environmental expo hosted at Belvedere school in Benoni, Johannesburg.

The theme of World Environment Day 2022, Only One Earth, calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet for future generations. The Zero Waste Foundation joined forces with the Benoni Lakes Lion Club alongside a number of green service providers on the day to showcase eco-friendly organisations such as e-waste recyclers and food waste recyclers all playing their role to protect the environment for future generations. This event followed the successful Environmental Awareness campaign held at Lakeside Mall in March for Global Recycling Day.

Importance of Environmental Awareness

One of the mandates of the Zero Waste Foundation is to promote and improve public recycling by raising awareness for the importance of recycling in the pubic and private sector through various initiatives. The benefits of recycling are tremendous such as saving energy, conserving natural resources, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reducing pollution and litter.

On the day, the Don’t Waste team set up a sorting station for members of the community to bring their recyclables and have a practical demonstration of the source separation at the school. The Zero Waste Foundation team highlighted the need to protect the environment by speaking to community members and stakeholders about the importance of minimising waste and cleaning up polluted areas. The event was a success creating valuable environmental awareness of the importance of cleaning up the environment and recycling.

Here are some photos from the event:

Environmental expo team Environmental Awareness Expo Team

Environmental Awareness expo stand 1 Environmental awareness expo stand 2

Environmental awareness expo bins 1 Environmental awareness expo bins 2

Expo stand Zero Waste Foundation Zero Waste Foundation banner

Taking meaningful environmental action

The environmental awareness campaign held in Benoni for World Environment Day aligns with the larger plans of the Johannesburg metro that forms part of the C40 Cities Network. C40 Cities is a network of nearly 100 leading cities around the world that are committed to taking bold action to tackle climate change. Making a meaningful and measurable difference is only possible through effective collaboration and knowledge sharing. Don’t Waste is committed to partnering with our clients by providing accurate data and insights to assist them on their zero waste journey.

The Zero Waste Foundation are determined to make a bigger difference this year and welcome partners and other interested parties to raise awareness and join our clean-up efforts.

Email  or visit The Zero Waste Foundation for partnership opportunities.


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