The Scenario: Improving waste management performance

A large shopping centre located at Kingston upon Thames, has been focused on improving its waste management performance and environmental savings.

Tenant segregation of waste is a critical factor in achieving these goals. The centre has been working hard at monitoring tenant segregation; however, tenants have communal waste drop-off points, which makes it difficult to determine which tenant is complying or not complying with the waste segregation plan.

The Solution: Optimised use of the Don’t Waste App

Waste teams at the centre were encouraged to optimise the unique features of the Don’t Waste app in monitoring non-compliance by the tenants. Don’t Waste was then able to present a detailed report to centre management highlighting areas of non-conformance and recommendations to create and drive change in tenant behaviour

The Results: Improved waste management performance and increase in environmental savings

Through effective use of the app, Don’t waste was able to assist the waste teams in identifying the tenants who were non-compliant in the separation of their waste. An average of 30 complaints per month were initially recorded. The waste segregation plan was re-communicated with the tenants, and further monitoring was conducted via the app.

After the intervention the number of complaints decreased significantly, the number of complaints decreased significantly to 6 per month, attributed to improved segregation behaviour. Teams also enjoyed the added benefit of saving valuable time that was otherwise spent in rectifying issues of non-compliance.

The graphs below illustrate the improvement noted in the June results:

  • Increase in recovery ratios for Card
  • Increase in the diversion of food waste to the digester
  • Decrease in general waste ratios

Don't Waste app waste management performance

Don’t Waste applauds the management and waste teams at the centre for their commitment and diligence in using the Don’t Waste app and systems, to drive outstanding improvement in tenant waste segregation behaviour and overall waste performance.


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