We conclude our 3-part series on the journey to net zero by highlighting the importance of waste audits in relation to setting and meeting net zero targets. (Read: Part 1- Net Zero Vs Science Based Targets and Recommendations for Setting and Implementing Net Zero Targets).

How does waste fit into achieving net zero?

There are various ways in which cities and companies can work to reduce their Scope 3 emissions for GHG’s. As experts in the waste management sector, Don’t Waste advocates for the reduction of landfill waste. Food and general waste decomposing at landfill sites, releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Achieving zero waste to landfill starts with a thorough analysis of waste generated. A waste audit intensively examines what we are still disposing of and identifies opportunities for its diversion from landfill.

Together with our partner, Ecocentric, one of South Africa’s leading sustainability consultants and Green Star+ accredited professionals, we have implemented a waste stream audit protocol that has assisted numerous blue-chip companies and property groups in establishing a baseline for the types and quantities of waste leaving a building or facility. (Visit www.ecocentric.co.za for more information).

Waste Stream Audit Protocol

Don’t Waste Ecocentric Waste Audit Procedure

                                                     Figure 1: Waste audit process

Our waste audit teams will literally sort through all remaining waste going for disposal, categorise them into various types of waste, weigh, and record the volumes thereof. Results are reviewed by our waste analysts, who will present advanced reports on the waste profile generated.

Don't Waste Services Waste Audit

                                                                        Figure 2: Don’t Waste Group Waste Audits

Reports indicate that through implementation of best practice waste management and recycling solutions across the globe, GHG emissions can be reduced by between 2.1 to 2.8 billion tonnes of CO2 annually by the target year of 2050. That is equivalent to approximately 5% of global GHG emissions!

“You cannot manage what you haven’t measured.” Contact us today for a no obligation quote for your site. The journey to a sustainable business, environment, and society begins here.


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