Manufacturing one of the world’s most popular snacks is sure to generate considerable volumes of waste. As such, our client, a large food manufacturing company with a footprint across the African continent, sought assistance with improving its environmental performance and reducing waste costs. This case study highlights the impact of efficient waste area planning, one of several interventions that we implemented in achieving the client’s goals.


The waste area was open to the elements and easily accessible by the general public. Organic waste, intended for animal feed, therefore degraded quickly. This also affected the security of other high value recyclables.

Our involvement

Our 3D waste area modelling allows us to scale assessments of space requirements compared to waste volumes, container, equipment choices, waste operational requirements and workflow. Our operations specialists proposed new changes to the design and flow of the waste area, and made recommendations for improvements in sorting and brokering of recyclable material.

The Results

Results waste area planning

  • The relocation of the waste area improved housekeeping and aesthetics of the facility.
  • The organic material was sheltered from the elements, and this saw a 150% increase in rebates generated from the sale of organic waste.
  • Using the same service providers, Don’t Waste improved efficiency in sorting and brokering, resulting in a 92% average of recyclables recovered from January to June 2021.
  • Don’t Waste proposed changes to the flow of the waste area ensuring no double-handling of waste, and a reduced risk of seepages into the environment.

Delighted with the outcome of our interventions, our satisfied client has requested our systems to be implemented at several other sites of its sister companies across the continent.


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