Every (occupied) commercial, retail, or industrial building generates waste. Apart from the cost, there are a number of associated management requirements related to waste that are essential: Compliance – duty of care in respect of waste legislation has to be maintained, Data management for reporting to owners and stakeholders, Environmental performance – recycling, energy recovery and disposal performance, and to do this all in a commercially viable manner. Through decades of experience in the retail, hospitality and commercial sectors, Don’t Waste understood the pressing need for best practice guidelines and interactive workshops to enable operational teams to run efficient waste management systems at their sites.

The Issue

The retail industry in particular faces the pressures of: compliance with waste regulations, to provide a clean and hygienic shopping experience not only for the benefit of its customers, but to also remain competitive in a market that is fully saturated. As such, Don’t Waste was approached by large property management and real estate companies in the UK, to run Best Practice Workshops for operational teams dealing with waste management, at their various shopping centres across the country.

The Solution

In consultation with the client, Don’t Waste created bespoke workshops, aligning the content with the waste management requirements of the shopping centres.

 The Results

“Don’t Waste ran an informal but very professional “Best Practice in Waste Management” workshop for our Shopping Centre and Operations Managers. The team benefitted immensely from the Don’t Waste teams’ experience and use of practical examples. They came away not only with a best practice handbook, but with some great ideas to improve and track efficiencies, which will lead to substantial cost and environmental savings. There is real low hanging fruit in waste if you know where to look and the workshop gave us direction on where we should start.”

Carl Foreman: Managing Director- Moorgarth Property Management Limited

Results Best Practice Workshops

Figure: Feedback from our best practice workshop

Being mindful of increased consumer awareness on the impacts of pollution and irresponsible waste management, Don’t Waste works with major shopping centres, property owners and property management companies to provide independent waste administration, reporting and management analytics to drive best and sustainable waste practice, addressing all areas of importance: Profits, Planet and the People.


Don’t Waste provides industry leading business intelligence, site management, and waste management services to Property, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality industries. Our customers include the world’s leading property management groups. To find out more about our innovative value-added systems and services in onsite waste operations, contact:

Linus Naik- Group Manager: Sustainability & Business Development (Email: I Mobile: +27 82 552 0675).

Michael Foreman- Managing Director UK (Email: I Mobile: +44 7939 027193).

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