From years of valuable experience in community projects, Don’t Waste has appreciated the power of collaboration, and established a not-for-profit organization – The Zero Waste Foundation. The Zero Waste Foundation has three mandates, to organize and facilitate clean-up initiatives, to support alternatives to landfill (thereby reducing waste), and to promote public recycling. These work in unison to actively drive sustainable practices through the associated waste minimization and clean-up projects.

We’ve been busy!

Increasing rates of urbanization and waste production has led to South Africa generating roughly 52 million tons of general waste, 90% of which is either landfilled or dumped. With dwindling landfill airspace, our natural surroundings are slowly turning into dumping sites. The time to act has never been more crucial.

Since its inception, The Zero Waste Foundation, supported by Don’t Waste, has successfully implemented several clean-up operations throughout South Africa and Mauritius, teaming up with social partners and clients. The foundation welcomes both not-for-profit and corporate entities to join a growing list of partners, to action further environmental clean ups and other social investment initiatives.

Before and After KZN

              Figure 1: Before and after at a river in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Before and After Eastern Cape

              Figure 2: Before and after at a park in Eastern Cape

Clean up in Mauritius

              Figure 3: Clean up at a beach in Mauritius

Claim back your environment, Join us!

The Zero Waste Foundation welcomes partnerships with both not for profit and corporate organizations on clean ups and various other social investment initiatives. For partnership opportunities, contact your CRM or .


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