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Developing and implementing organic waste recycling solutions has become a top priority for our clients, especially in the Western Cape region. Don’t Waste embarked on an industry first, group-level organic waste diversion strategy with a multi-billion rand retail focused REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) in South Africa. The results have been phenomenal.

Prioritising Organic Waste Recycling

Food waste at landfills emits methane gas during its decomposition processes, which traps heat in the atmosphere at a rate 25x higher than carbon dioxide (CO2). With the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events around the world, fighting climate change is at a critical point in human history.

Responding to this, the Western Cape government has mandated that both municipalities and businesses in the region are required to divert 50% of organics from landfills from 2022, leading up to a 100% ban in 2027. We anticipate that this ban will also be mandated across the rest of the provinces.


As a proactive stance to the organic waste ban, Don’t Waste partnered with one its top-tier retail portfolio clients to develop bespoke strategies for the diversion of organic waste generated at each of its retail facilities across South Africa.

The organics waste recycling project envisioned for the client was data-driven, intelligent, step-wise and iterative. 

The Results

In just four months, a cumulative total of 162 973 Kgs of organic waste were extracted and recycled across the portfolio, by using the systems and processes designed by Don’t Waste.


organic waste recycling retail

Our team of sustainability and waste management experts worked closely with the client, each retail facility and its tenants, to ensure that the project achieved and even surpassed its targets. 

In diverting the organic waste, the portfolio saved an impressive 99,93 tCO2e in carbon emissions.

carbon emissions cars

This is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 21 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Have you started your organic waste recycling journey?

 Don’t Waste applauds the commitment and dedication of its portfolio client in achieving its goal of Net Zero Organic Waste across all its retail sites.

 Your organisation can achieve this too.

Our extensive years of experience within the waste industry has allowed us the advantage of having access to various markets and solutions in the recycling industry. This allows us to offer our clients waste diversion solutions that are transparent, ethical, auditable, environmentally-friendly and are aligned to global stock exchange reporting requirements for ESG.

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