Meet our Team of Environmental Experts

We are delighted to be running a series to introduce you to our team of waste management and environmental experts. To kick off the series we’ll be introducing you to Dr Linus Naik who is our Group General Manager overseeing our Sustainability and Business Development for Don’t Waste.

Linus is a passionate environmentalist who is renowned for his expertise within the sustainability and waste management space. Linus has worked at the Don’t Waste Group for over 8 years, growing from strength to strength within the company. He is valued member of the Don’t Waste Group’s Exco team and has exceptional leadership skills, integrity, and an impressive scope of knowledge. With over 12 years of experience in the waste industry, Linus is responsible for engaging clients on their zero waste journey and implementing bespoke solutions to improve their recycling performance.

Linus plays a pivotal role in providing oversight of the group’s ESG, carbon strategy, net zero targets and is a thought leader on environmental issues. Similarly, Linus helps clients to navigate the complex issues of ESG by ensuring they can transparently track and report on their environmental performance. It remains a top priority for Linus to keep clients abreast of the most recent sustainable business practices to implement measurable changes and fulfil Don’t Waste’s mission of protecting the environment.

Linus holds a doctorate in chemical engineering, specialising in waste management, and is continually advancing his knowledge through obtaining numerous accreditations and completing short courses.Linus recently gained his Net Zero Accredited Professional status through the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and specialises in Net Zero and Net Positive Waste Certifications. Net Zero Waste refers to a building that greatly reduces, reuses and recovers its waste streams to ensure that zero waste ends up in landfill over the course of a year. We view zero waste to landfill as a journey which needs to be supported by accurate, transparent data. We first need to understand what is being sent to landfill (Read: Do you know what’s in your waste stream?) and then establish targets and implement tailored zero waste solutions to support the journey.

Most recently, Linus has also completed his carbon footprinting course from the Sustainability Institute which will certainly come in handy when finding waste treatment solutions for our clients. We are proud of Linus’s accomplishments and valuable contributions and look forward to continuing to work with him to drive innovation within the waste industry.

Environmental expert zero waste

Key steps on your zero waste to landfill journey

Join the conversation with Environmental Experts at the Green Building Convention

We are delighted to announce that Linus Naik will be presenting at the Green Building Convention running from the 2nd to the 4th of November 2022 in Century City in Cape Town. The Green Building convention is held annually by the GBCSA to bring together sustainability professionals across the built environment to collectively transform the sector for the benefit of people and the planet. This transformation can only be done through effective partnerships and synergies across industries working towards a common goal. The theme and focus for the 15th Green Building Convention is ‘Re-generation’ with the aim of accelerating climate action taken by the built environment. We know that the built environment accounts for approximately 40% of energy-related carbon emissions meaning there is an urgent need to drive holistic, data-driven solutions.

Environmental expert green building convention

Green building Convention 2022

Linus will be speaking at the convention on the journey and challenges of getting to net zero waste, with a specific focus on the retail environment. He will be joined by sustainability managers within the retail industry to unpack what net zero waste looks like in the retail environment and will confront some of the key challenges experienced. As an environmental expert with many years of experience within the waste industry Linus has a lot to bring to the table around the road to Net Zero Waste. We look forward to the insightful conversations and outcomes from the convention and continuing to assist our clients on their zero waste journeys.

Our team of environmental experts can guide you on your Zero Waste Journey

Transparent and accurate data forms the foundation of any green building certification, and that’s where Don’t Waste comes in. We provide the type of auditable and verifiable data required by building rating agencies to support the accreditation process. The Don’t Waste System provides a credible and transparent platform with source tracking allowing you to generate unique reports to meet rating tools waste requirements. We can also provide custom built reports which can be tailored to the various green building ratings tools. The Don’t Waste team of environmental experts are ready and eager to guide you on your zero waste journey and help you obtain a net zero waste accreditation.

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