What you need to know about the new Food Waste Legislation? 

The new food waste legislation in England brings changes to how companies need to manage and dispose of their food waste in order to remain compliant. In 2021, the UK government first passed the Environmental Act and in 2023 the new food waste legislation comes into effect. This Act supports the commitment of the UK government towards eliminating food waste to landfill by 2030, outlined in the Waste and Resources strategy for England.

The new legislative changes requires all food waste producing organisations in England to shift their current practices in order to comply by 2023. The exact date has yet to be announced, however, Don’t Waste can help you prepare and implement measures to ensure you are compliant.

Under the new measures, all organisations across England need to comply with the following key changes. Organisations will be required to segregate their food waste and ensure that it is not mixed with general waste or other recyclable waste streams such as glass, metal, plastic, paper or cardboard. It will be mandatory for companies to separate food waste for collection and send it for recycling, by either composting or anaerobic digestion. Further to this, your site will not be permitted to send their food waste with their general waste to landfill or incineration.

Food Waste Legislation changes

Key food waste legislation changes

The changes required will effect companies differently depending on their current segregation practises. Organisations that already have separation in place will be able to adjust more swiftly whilst sites which currently have no segregation will need to implement systems to ensure the segregation of food waste at source. A critical step will require you to evaluate your current practises so you can implement changes to plan for the future.

Who does the new Food Waste Legislation effect?

The new legislation applies to both household and commercial sectors. In terms of commercial sites, the legislation affects all food waste generating organisations across England. These include all businesses and sectors that generate food waste as part of their daily routine such as:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Business
  • Facilities Management

We’re here to help you comply with the new legislation

Here at Don’t Waste, we have an experienced team of waste management professionals to guide you through the food waste disposal legislation and help you implement practical measures to ensure that you are compliant. We have over 25 years of experience working with commercial properties, hotels, shopping centres, and corporate facilities around the globe to improve their on-site waste management.

Given that companies across England are now required to separate their food waste, we recommend taking a proactive approach to ensure compliance. An early audit and engagement with your teams is an essential way to ensure you can manage the changes in a sustainable and cost effective way. We offer the tools and knowledge that organisations need to comply with the new legislation changes, and to recycle their food waste. Our innovative suite of waste management and food waste solutions are designed to help your business become more sustainable and compliant.

Food waste legislation service offering

Don’t Waste service offering

The Environmental Act ultimately aims to create a cleaner and more sustainable economy that promotes circularity. As an organisation, it is your duty to separate food waste and send it for recycling to comply with the legislation as it comes into effect in 2023. Don’t Waste can help you implement measures to comply with legislation, minimise disposal fees and reduce your environmental impact.

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