In the development of new buildings, engineers and architects are now considering more seriously the waste volumes, waste generation, and the dimensions of the waste area into consideration during the design process. The foundation of a green building rests on an efficient waste, energy and water management system.

The Scenario

Don’t Waste was contracted by an architectural design team to assist with the development of a large construction project, which included a hotel, commercial building, and apartment blocks.

Our objective was to specifically to provide insights and forecasts relating to waste generation, waste area size, and waste flow based on the scale, type, purpose and size of amenities, as requested in the design brief.

The Solution

Our experience, knowledge, and waste data base across multiple building types provided the means to deliver on these briefs, and to ensure adequate provisions are made in the design stage for waste operations.  Don’t Waste has built a comprehensive database of buildings on its system with waste data meticulously recorded and tracked through its unique waste management systems. These are “blue chip” sites in South Africa, UK, Mauritius, Kenya and Namibia.

Our 3D waste area modelling allows us to scale assessments of space requirements compared to waste volumes, container, equipment choices, waste operational requirements and work flow.

The Results

Our report detailed recommendations on the following aspects (as required by the brief)

  • Assessment of waste types and volumes
  • Waste area requirements (below)
  • Waste Movements
  • Waste management
  • Vehicle access


waste area

Don’t Waste is looking ahead at designing tenant waste areas, tailored to their operational requirements, from source generation to final treatment. Whatever your specific needs are, Don’t Waste provides this service for new builds and existing developments, and are the first to be consulted when it comes to waste area re-design projects or refurbishments.


Don’t Waste provides industry leading business intelligence, site management, and waste management services to Property, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality industries. Our customers include the world’s leading property management groups. To find out more about our innovative value-added systems and services in onsite waste operations, contact:

Linus Naik- Group Manager: Sustainability & Business Development (Email: I Mobile: +27 82 552 0675).

Michael Foreman- Managing Director UK (Email: I Mobile: +44 7939 027193).

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