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Don’t Waste provides a unique and optimised waste management system and service.

Our system interfaces with your existing suppliers, service providers or waste brokers so no need to change.

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  • A framework, system and app for managing internal waste streams and movements.
  • A framework, system and app for controlling and tracking all outgoing waste orders and collections.
  • A framework, system and app for managing compliance, expiries and DOC.
  • The system is independent of the waste service providers and waste broker systems which deal primarily with the service aspects of site outputs, e.g. waste load collections, logistics, transportation, and treatment options.

The Don’t Waste system offers complete site waste management solutions to record,  regulate, authenticate, report and control on-site waste activities.

Our unique system allows for the management of on-site waste streams and the on-site waste operations.

The system aligns with on-site management requirements and provides tools, systems and administration services that deliver value to site management/facility teams. We act for the waste generator and provide the means for the fulfilment and management of all responsibilities from legal as well as best practice perspectives.

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The system is independent of the waste service providers and waste broker systems which deal primarily with the service aspects of site outputs, e.g. waste load collections, logistics, transportation, and treatment options. Our system is designed to interface with your existing suppliers.


The Don’t Waste System is designed and optimised to enable an organisation to exercise full control of its waste operations, across single or multiple sites and multiple waste service providers.

Don’t Waste will implement its full
proprietorial waste management
system and service. This includes;


  • Don’t Waste’s management, support and administration teams
  • Don’t Waste’s MOBI app for mobile capture by site operators
  • Don’t Waste’s unique client management web login portal for the viewing and management of all site data which will be captured and/or uploaded.
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“Since commencing a partnership with Don’t Waste, it has enabled our teams to spend valuable time focussing on operational tasks rather than being burdened with report writing and deadlines. All the relevant reports arrive at the agreed time and we developed the reporting suite with Don’t Waste to ensure that each one is meaningful to the various stakeholders. The insights in the reports, as well as Don’t Waste’s expertise, have not only helped to develop a group wide waste strategy but also implement and track projects, resulting in efficiencies and significant annual operational savings across our portfolio”


“We appointed Don’t Waste in order to have a full overview of waste operations across all our properties, working with multiple service providers. Unlike many systems we did not have to change the way we worked, rather the Don’t Waste team customised the system set up to suit our needs while still proving us with useful tips about how to make our waste related processes more efficient.

We now have standardised, consistent and accurate portfolio reporting from waste operations cost, efficiency and sustainability perspectives.

As a procurement manager it has certainly provided an easier understanding of the huge volumes of waste produced.

I have observed ongoing and tangible improvements in all waste areas since we implemented the system.”


“Through working hand-in-hand with Don’t Waste, we have been able to pilot and then roll out a new, innovative platform that allows each of our centres to more accurately monitor our waste levels. Such a high level of data accuracy has enabled our teams to have a far better understanding of what is happening in real-time, and is really empowering them to go above and beyond in terms of recycling and driving improvements. This is vitally important as each of our centres strives to be carbon neutral; it is an important step in the fight against climate change.”


“The Don’t Waste System provides us with a transparent view of the properties using the system. We can now track each load from source to treatment destination and report accurately on our waste volumes as well as environmental metrics. Our auditors have found using the system extremely useful when doing waste audits as every transaction as well as the supporting documentation and evidence is available at the click of a mouse. Of great value for our compliance teams is the document expiry tool where every licence and permit with an expiry date is tracked automatically, alerting the relevant person when a renewal is due. All in all, in addition to giving us more accurate waste data that we can trust, the Don’t Waste System gives us peace of mind that our compliance is taken care of.”

Sustainability, Operations, Compliance

“Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet – Don’t waste have added clarity to our waste operations with industry leading insight that has facilitated the successful and deliverable development of our waste processes. Providing tailored guidance towards our collective sustainable ambitions, Don’t Waste have proven invaluable to ensuring our strategic objectives and regulatory conformance.”

Advanced Reporting

"Working with Don´t Waste has been a truly collaborative partnership. They have taken the time to understand our business, what is really important to us and what makes us tick. Equally, they have always made sure they appreciate the challenges and pain points within the industry as well as those specific to our company. Instead of offering a generic off-the-shelf solution, they have concentrated on understanding our requirements and have been able to develop a bespoke reporting framework, that lets us focus on the key data. This in turn allows us to manage our business more efficiently and improve our offer to clients, customers and staff alike."


“Don’t Waste have fundamentally changed the way we operate our business and has brought in some fantastic savings from their knowledge within the waste industry. We have a great relationship with Don’t Waste and would highly recommend to any company that are looking to transform their waste.”

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