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Turning back the clock on Earth Overshoot Day 2023

Earth Overshoot Day 2023 fell on the 2nd of August. This date is pushing further forward on the calendar each year. What can we do to turn back the clock?

Sustainable Football: which club scores the ESG hat-trick?

Sustainable football is a top priority for leading football clubs. Discover if your club ranked as the sustainability champion of Europe.

Circular Economy vs Recycling: What’s the difference?

The circular economy is a popular topic in waste management circles, as it aims to eliminate waste through reuse and regeneration. How do waste management and recycling fit in?

How does the new Food Waste Legislation in England impact your business?

The UK Government’s new Food Waste Legislation comes into effect in 2023. Is your business prepared for the changes in England?

Don’t Waste supports Green Building Ratings

Did you know that Don’t Waste can support you in obtaining a Green Building rating and on your Net Zero Waste journey.

Reflecting on waste and climate change for COP27

As COP27 draws near, we reflect on our discussions on waste and climate change during COP26 and what we have done in the past year.

Meet our Team of Environmental Experts

We are delighted to introduce you to our team of waste management and environmental experts. To kick off the we'll be introducing you to Dr Linus Naik who is our Group General Manager overseeing our Sustainability and Business Development for Don’t Waste.

Communicating your Environmental Performance

Don't Waste helps clients communicate their environmental performance by tracking their environmental savings through recycling activities.

ESG Ranking for Business 101

ESG ranking: what does it mean and how does it translate to business?

Waste Management Goals and achieving the SDGs

Sustainable waste management has a valuable role to play in achieving the SDGs. In this piece we unpack how Don’t Waste supports the SDGs.

World Ocean Day Clean-up

The Zero Waste Foundation held a beach clean-up at the Blue Lagoon in Durban, South Africa to commemorate World Ocean Day.

Plastic Free July tips for business

Implementing Plastic Free July tips provide a great way to reduce single-use plastic and create a green and more sustainable business.
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