The Don’t Waste UK portfolio includes several leading property management groups which are inclusive of large shopping centres, office and mixed use developments. From audits conducted, Don’t Waste discovered that most struggle with compliance in their respective waste management systems, placing the centres at risk of facing serious legal ramifications for areas of non-conformance.

The Issue

The areas of non-conformance included: expired waste transfer notes (WTN), uncertainty on final treatment of waste, misplaced evidence documents, and expired service provider permits.

The Solution

All aspects of Duty of Care were managed and tracked by the Don’t Waste system, and in addition, compliance requirements were controlled and monitored for every load booked through the system.

The Results

Through Don’t Waste’s advanced and evolutionary system, the properties were able to achieve the following successes:

Compliance Results

“The Don’t Waste System provides us with a transparent view of the properties using the system. We can now track each load from source to treatment destination and report accurately on our waste volumes as well as environmental metrics. Our auditors have found using the system extremely useful when doing waste audits as every transaction as well as the supporting documentation and evidence is available at the click of a mouse.  Of great value for our compliance teams is the document expiry tool where every licence and permit with an expiry date is tracked automatically, alerting the relevant person when a renewal is due. All in all, in addition to giving us more accurate waste data that we can trust, the Don’t Waste System gives us peace of mind that our compliance is taken care of.”

Henry Powell, Sustainability & Environment Manager, Landsec

 Compliance is an imperative facet of waste management, and it is more so important in a retail setting, where a clean and efficient shopping experience can set a shopping centre apart from its competitors. Further, the sustainable actions of the shopping centre sets a precedent for mindful consumer behaviour, ultimately benefiting the environment as whole.


Don’t Waste provides industry leading business intelligence, site management, and waste management services to Property, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality industries. Our customers include the world’s leading property management groups. To find out more about our innovative value-added systems and services in onsite waste operations, contact:

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