What is Clean Up and Recycle SA Week about?

Clean-Up & Recycle SA Week, largely promoted by Plastics SA, calls upon all South Africans to take action and participate in clean-up events running from 13-18 September 2021. The aim of the event is to create awareness of the devastating impacts that litter and pollution has on our environment and ecosystems.

The Zero Waste Foundation Clean-Ups

Since its inception, the Zero Waste Foundation , supported by the Don’t Waste Group has planned and implemented environmental clean-ups across South Africa and Mauritius. To date, our foundation together with social partners and clients, have made a significant difference at over 30 sites, cleaning up irresponsible disposal of waste and also removing it from site to prevent re-entry into the environment.

Here are some of the before and after photos that were taken at our more recent clean-ups in South Africa.

Zero Waste Foundation Clean Ups

Zero Waste Foundation Clean Ups South Africa

Zero Waste Foundation Clean Ups South Africa

Zero Waste Foundation Clean Ups South Africa

Our clean-up teams have worked hard to restore the integrity of our environment. Well done to all our team members across the country!

Zero Waste Foundation Clean Up Teams South Africa

Zero Waste Foundation Clean Up Teams South Africa

How can you help?

Here are some helpful ideas on how you can participate in clean-up and recycle week:

  • Support and join a local clean-up event.
  • When travelling, never throw your trash out the window. Keep it aside for responsible disposal.
  • Keep recyclables separate from general waste and take them to your nearest recycling drop-off facility.
  • Consider a composting bin for your food waste.
  • When visiting public spaces, such as beaches, parks and rivers, keep your trash away from water bodies and discard responsibly in designated bins.

The Zero Waste Foundation welcomes partnerships with both non-profit and corporate organizations on clean ups and various other social investment initiatives.  

For partnership opportunities, contact your CRM, or email

The time to act is now.


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