Don’t Waste


Our mission is To
Protect the Environment.

We achieve this by providing world class and independent waste management systems to businesses.


Our Vision is to disrupt the waste management sector globally by providing tools to accurately track and measure waste.

Our goal is to clean up “rubbish data” to provide clients transparent insights into the cost and environmental opportunities that exist in their waste streams.


Company History

Don’t Waste was established in 1994 in South Africa, with a vision to take the local waste management industry to new heights. At its inception, Don’t Waste had a mission to provide an environmentally friendly, hygienic and cost effective holistic waste management service to all retail, shopping centres, commercial, industrial, educational & speciality clients.

This was originally in the form of site based services, providing staff, supervision and management to manage daily waste streams on a client’s behalf with the aim to reduce and minimise waste to landfill and recovering materials for the recycling industry.

Over 20 years, the Company experienced major growth and now operates numerous countries around the world, providing services to hundreds blue chip clients.

As waste legislation matured internationally, there was a growing need for companies to manage compliance risk and waste duty of care. This coupled with corporate governance requirements for sustainability reporting, created a further need for the world class waste management technology systems that Don’t Waste had already developed.

jeremy warehouse

In recent years, Proptech has been disrupting the Real Estate industry.

It is a collective term used to define companies offering technologically innovative products or new business models for the real estate market. Don’t Waste is truly Protech but with a difference. Where most companies in the sector are startups, ours is developed, mature and truly disruptive.

system proptech

The Don’t Waste Proptech Solution is a waste administration, reporting and management system. It allows clients a high level of data management, report generating functionality, as well as compliance and environmental accounting.

The system functions across from multiple sites, in multiple locations with multiple providers and portfolios, allowing clients to measure performances and environmental outcomes.

Most importantly, the systems are built by a company that understands waste management and minimisation at a site level through its hard-earned practical experiences. This same experience is available to all our system clients as management support and analytics.

In our different markets, Don’t Waste provides a range of solutions, all with the same core output, “to protect our environment”.


Global Staff we employ

ft2 of properties we service
97 987 428

Trees saved for clients p/a
631 229

Countries we provide services to

CO2 saved for clients
94 603 039 m3

Energy saved for clients
392 038 537kWh

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Jeremy Droyman
Chief Executive Officer

Claude Nish
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Foreman
UK Managing Director & International Business Development

Linus Naik
Group Sustainability and Business Development Manager

Justin Bott
Group Shared Services Manager

Prinola Govender
Group Finance Director

Anthony Hardy
Group Software Solutions Manager

Shelly-Ann Taylor
Group Human Resources Manager

Laura Herbert
Group SHEQ Manager

Monica Cloete
SA Sales Manager

Stacey van der Westhuysen
SA Contracts Manager

Ryan Marshall
UK Operations Manager

Kate Harverson
Group Marketing Manager

Tienie Harper
SA Operations Manager

Gary Byrne
SA Projects Manager

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